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Aigoo Korean School

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What you'll get:

  • 66 days of learning material with close-up guidance & feedback 

  • Grammar video lessons

  • Comprehensible input video lessons

  • Intensive pronunciation training material

  • Habit streak tracker

  • Unlimited Q&A via community and comment section of video lessons

  • Student-only Discord community

*Please note*
After this second launch, close-up guidance will not be offered in the package. It's provided for the member of the first & second cohort because the course is going to be built together with the students. 

Course price around next registration will be: $299

If you enroll now, $299 ➜ just $199

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What Students Are Saying:

I'm a newer learner, but having taken multiple courses with various instructors, Buster stands apart from the rest of them because of his desire to continually improve upon how he teaches his course and trying to understand the best ways for his students to learn. Most classes have a rigid structure with a book and they just teach straight from the book. Sean makes learning interesting by using real world examples and providing multiple methods of teaching to help his students better take in and understand the content. Buster has always been able to answer questions my other instructors have not been able to. Buster is a personable and fun instructor to learn from and I hope to continue to learn from him for years to come.

Thea Siewert

Do you want to learn Korean right now? Because I certainly was in your shoes. I started with Duolingo, and that gave me a really good notion of some of the vocabulary of Korean. But honestly, I didn't know what was going on. And it was through Buster Moon's Aigoo Korean course that I was able to pick up the things I didn't even know I didn't know. He made the course so simple, these little lessons that were three to five minutes long that you could do easily on a lunch break or easily in the evenings. And then on top of that, we were able to talk with him regularly, ask as many questions as we could, and be able to create community. It's a fabulous course. If you are really, truly interested in learning Korean and you want to go beyond just Duolingo or any of those apps, trust me. Take Buster's class.

Suzanne Veaudry Casaus

This course with Buster is so much fun! All the lessons are bite-size pieces. So even if you don’t have hours to spend learning Korean, you can still learn here. Plus, it’s recorded so if the concept is more challenging you can review it as many times as you need. Another thing I really appreciate is the material to learn all the letter sounds. It’s really up close and personal – I can hear what the letter should sound like and see the shape my mouth should make too. Buster is a gentle corrector – my pronunciation can be somewhat, uh, wrong! His keen ear catches those errors. He makes sure I pronounce the word correctly. I am very thankful because I always learn through those mistakes and keep making progress. I love all the content and creative ways he’s developed to make learning exciting and fun. Let’s be honest, if it’s just difficult and a lot of work, most of us won’t continue. Another big plus for me is the community here. We even get together on our own and talk about our latest favorite K-drama or favorite K-pop group. I feel like I belong here and am so very happy I took a chance to join this group.

Joyce Runyan